Any company in the business of hiring heavy equipment must have a clear focus not only on providing excellent service to their clients, but on the safety standards and compliance requirements of their industry. The focus on customer service will guarantee repeat business and build reputation, and thefocus on safety and compliance will do exactly the same thing.

Reduce Costs, Create Trust and Build Reputation

Some equipment hire operators see safety standards and industry compliance as a burden and an additional cost that eats into profits. The reputable business operators in the heavy equipment hire industry do not share this view. Statistics show that applying the relevant industry safety standards consistently as part of their business operations reduces costs, creates trust between the business and its clients, and enhances their reputation.

This is certainly the view we take here at Katco CQ Plant Hire. Our equipment is maintained to the highest industry standards, and our operators are experienced and where necessary, hold the appropriate licences.

Industry Compliance Only Looks Complicated to the Uninitiated

Most of our work is centred on the mining industry and other major infrastructure projects happening in our area of operations. At any one time we could be working to several different pieces of legislation, each of which have additional regulations, guidelines, guidance notes and general directives applicable to them.

In addition, the Work Health and Safety Act includes a range of Codes of Practice containing practical information to assist with compliance. These codes have been approved for application in different jurisdictions and are legally admissible as evidence provided their recommendations for managing risks have been applied.

Obligations? We Have Them Covered

As a PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking) under the Act, we have specific obligations to manage risks, and these obligations cannot be passed on just because we have hired our equipment out to some other PCBU. In fact, the legislation states that a person can have more than one duty and more than one person can have the same duty at the same time. This covers those situations where there are a number of different contractors working on the same site.

The best way we can meet our obligations is to provide our clients with both first-class equipment that has been maintained by qualified tradespeople, and highly-skilled and experienced operators. Katco CQ Plant Hire people have all been trained in the application of the safety regulations relevant to their particular jobs, and this training is backed up by risk assessments, SWMS (safe work method statements) and any other required documentation.

Safety is Part of our Business Reputation

While this might all sound complicated to people new to the industry, when you have been in business as long as we have, it becomes second nature. Industry safety standards have been incorporated into every part of our operation in a seamless process; that is just how we do business.