Hiring instead of buying large-scale construction equipment has proven to be an effective strategy for mining and construction businesses that need flexibility and cost control. This approach frees up much needed capital that would otherwise be tied up in machinery and equipment. It also reduces expenses such as maintenance and depreciation, which are carried by the hire company.

However, construction equipment hire, as with any other product or service, has varying degrees of client satisfaction, depending on the quality of service offered by the hirer. We have built a large and loyal client base at Katco CQ Plant Hire** **by providing heavy equipment and machinery hire services that are reliable and price competitive.

Field Experience and Industry Knowledge Invaluable

There are many competitors in the heavy equipment hire market, and for us to keep our reputation as the standout company we must continually work on several key qualities. The first of these is knowledge and experience. Clients want to work with hire companies like ours that have had many years of field experience. It is in the field, in real-life situations, where the industry knowledge gained through practical application becomes invaluable.

No Substitute for Reliable Equipment

Next, clients look for hire companies with the best equipment and a reputation for keeping them maintained. No project manager wants a machine that keeps breaking down. The equipment must remain in service so that crucial deadlines are met. Also, being able to provide a range of good quality equipment suitable for varying tasks, as we do, will keep clients coming back.

Excellent Customer Service Builds Repeat Business

Our clients regularly compliment us on the quality of our service, and this is another of the crucial qualities that builds repeat business. Simple things like returning phone calls quickly, responding to email and web enquiries every day, having efficient management systems and accurate billing processes are all appreciated by clients who often find these things missing in other organisations they deal with.

Price Plus Quality Equals Value for Money

Value for money is a fairly obvious key quality that is important to everyone. The challenge for any business to be successful is to offer quality products, great service, have staff who can assist clients with problems and do all of this at a price that beats the competition. At Katco CQ Plant Hire we have fine-tuned our cost structure while still keeping the highest safety and professional standards of work.

Reputation Built on Meeting Client Expectations

The final key quality required to be a standout equipment hire company is a good reputation built on solid performance. We have achieved this by being extremely effective at meeting the other four key qualities. Our clients know that when they place an order with us they can expect the work to be done by experienced operators using the best equipment for the task. They expect excellent customer service when they contact our staff and they know that the final cost will be competitive. We always give them what they expect.