Work accidents involving heavy machinery can be devastating both from a personal and a business viewpoint. The sheer size and power of much of the heavy machinery in use today can quickly cause significant injury or even death to personnel. Even when such an incident does not impact on the health and safety of people, these large machines can cause expensive property damage when something goes wrong.

Just One Major Safety Incident can Cripple a Business

Running a successful business is never easy, and keeping constant control over costs is one of the most important factors influencing the bottom line result. The unexpected costs that result from a workplace incident involving heavy machinery include lost production, sourcing replacement machinery, repairing property damage and in large contracts, financial penalties for falling behind schedule.

If the incident involves injury to workers, there will be the added costs of lost time and training replacement workers while injured workers are recovering. Studies into workplace accidents also show that such incidents have a negative effect on employee morale, which eventually impacts on profit. Then, should it all end up in Court, a very expensive legal process can follow.

Competent Machinery Operators are Hard to Find

To avoid any of these unfortunate incidents, any piece of equipment or plant must be kept well maintained and its operators properly licensed, fully trained and experienced. There are many different types of heavy machinery in the workplace today and a licence to drive one type does not automatically qualify someone to operate everything. Persons operating a business or undertaking must make sure that their workers are competent to operate each specific type of plant or equipment the job requires.

Reduce the Risk – Hire the Equipment and the Professional Operators

We know from our own experience and through speaking to our clients, that the best way to avoid all of these issues is to contact Katco CQ Plant Hire. Our operators are fully qualified and licensed to safely and professionally meet your project needs. Why pay for expensive training and licensing when we already have an experienced workforce ready to start working on your project?

Keeping a maintenance facility fully operational is an additional overhead that many businesses simply cannot carry. Here at Katco CQ Plant Hire, all our heavy machinery is regularly maintained and it complies with industry safety standards. As heavy equipment hire specialists, we have a qualified maintenance crew and team of supervisors who make sure that every piece of equipment we hire to a client is safe and operational.

Safety, Maintenance and Training Handled by Hire Company

We constantly monitor our safe work practices to ensure that your job will be uninterrupted by any safety issues, and we provide our staff with regular refresher safety training. Our reputation is built on the skill of our operators, the quality of our equipment and the high percentage of machine availability. This is important for our clients who need competent people and reliable machinery, often at short notice.

It is really not worth the risk from a safety and operational point of view to have your own equipment. If we look after this part of your business, you can get on with managing the rest of it.