At Katco CQ Plant Hire, we specialise in heavy equipment and machinery hire in Mackay and Sarina. We have been serving the mining industry since 2003 due to a large growth in demand within Mackay and Sarina in Queensland for large projects that require heavy machinery.

Our fleet consists primarily of full mine spec CAT D11, D10, D9 and D8 dozers with GPS systems and additional land development dozers that we offer on a wet or dry hire basis. These machines are all serviced regularly and comply with industry safety standards.

Our experience lies in ‘dozer push’ which we can provide on an hourly or cubic metre rate with the option to supply one of our on-site supervisors.

We pride ourselves in our outstanding dozer hire services which are achieved through our high percentage of machine availability and our specialised maintenance crew and team of supervisors. We consistently strive to offer our clients top service and liaise regularly on work performance and updates on all projects.

We don’t just offer dozer hire in Mackay and Sarina, at Katco CQ Plant Hire we stock a full range of rebuilt major components in store.

We provide an excellent standard of work by employing only fully experienced and competent operators at Katco CQ Plant Hire. We will also offer invaluable and professional advice on what machinery best suits your project and are able to assist in planning and effective execution of what is required.

Safety for all who use the machines is of utmost importance and safe work practices are constantly monitored and refreshed where necessary.

We guarantee you the smoothest and most reliable experience with our highly professional team and are competent that you will use our services time and time again.

Give us a call at Katco CQ Plant Hire today.